Some history of the garage kit...

Back in the 1980s in the middle of the hostile corporate take over of America, a small group of cash poor artists began making sculptures of characters from films that large companies wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I happened to be among this small group.
Initially this phenomenon was coming out of Japan. It was a cottage industry of film enthusiasts who took it upon themselves to make models of their favorite popular horror and sci-fi films, they traded them among each other and it grew. With Big film corporations turing their back on little “mom and pop” type businesses in favor of demographic studying cookie cutter production style, with big name corporations it seemed everthing was at a stalemate. Flashback 1960s. Monsters became a viable marketable subject in the 60s when I was born. I grew up on Famous Monsters Magazine, 60s monster shows and most importantly, Aurora models....

nosferatu kit kuntz



vampira kit kuntz

"Vampira 1954"


Cesare 1919

"Abduction 1919"


  devil muse kits kuntz

"1800's Devil Muse"


der golem kit kuntz
"Der Golem"
man who laughs kuntz    
"Man Who Laughs
Forever Laughing"
  cesare kit kuntz
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